The Startup Way

The Startup Way

How Modern Companies Achieve Sustainable Growth Through Entrepreneurship

The Startup Way
The Startup Way ships October 2017. Your pre-order of the hardcover edition will grant you access to The Leader's Guide community, an exclusive network of new and experienced Lean Startup practitioners. E-books coming soon.

Bestselling author, entrepreneur, and Lean startup founder Eric Ries, author of The Lean Startup, reveals how established corporations, young upstarts, and major enterprises alike can use Lean Startup techniques, energy and savvy to reinvigorate their company and operations, spark innovation, and drive growth.

In his first book, The Lean Startup, Eric Ries, serial entrepreneur and founder of the Lean Startup movement, showed how ideas from the startup world such as constant iteration, minimal viable products (or MVPs), and rigorously testing business hypotheses with customers to determine when to persevere, and when to pivot, now turns his attention to a wide array of organizations -- far beyond tech.

For the past five years, Ries has been working closely with established companies like GE and Toyota and Pitney Bowes, new breakthrough startups, and even governments and NGOs - to help them become more nimble, and more open to change and innovation, in order to spur growth and produce products and services that customers want. In The Startup Way, Ries shares his insights, lessons, stories, challenges and best practices from his intense collaborations with some of the world's most innovative and successful companies, as they attempt to change their culture and processes to be faster, more agile and smarter at what they do.

Each company adapts Ries' basic framework and ideas in their own way -- from GE's FastWorks to Intuit's Design for Delight programs -- to fit their particular organization and industry, as he discusses in the book. For every company that recognizes it needs to embrace agility, change and do so quickly if it is to survive and thrive, The Startup Way is an absolutely essential road map and toolkit.